Amazon Integration

Our Amazon Integration is designed to help our customer to streamline the operation between SAP Business One and Amazon Platform.

Inventory Sync

Our solution helps to synchronize ERP inventory quantity to amazon seller account in realtime, with the ability to auto switch between seller channel and FBA. Auto determine fulfillment dates based on physical warehouse locations.

Seller Order Import

Import amazon seller orders into ERP with all customization info. Handle Marketplace Facilitator Tax collection properly.

Ship by ShipStation

Submit Order to ShipStation, and rate shopping with your most reliable and economic carrier. Tracking number will be pulled back to ERP automatically.

Fulfilled By FBA

When warehouse inventory is not enough, submit order to FBA to fulfill within the ERP system, and pulling tracking back when FBA ships.

FBA Inbound Shipment Labeling

Generating FBA Inbound Shipment FnSKU Label with sequence and grouping, you won't miss labeling any item even thousands of pieces in one shipment

Reconcile with Amazon

Auto downloading Amazon report, proposing reconcilation for tens of thousands of transactions with easy steps.